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For more than 5th years,  has been delivering smart and cost-effective CRM solutions to B2B and B2C enterprises alike, helping them build long-lasting relationships with customers, drive sales teams’ engagement and productivity, as well as support sales management.

Aquaiver IT Solutions CRM consultants start every project with an in-depth analysis of a client’s current CRM capabilities and significant opportunities to improve customer relationships. Drawing on their expertise, our consultants create a CRM roadmap and deliver an optimal CRM solution to meet the client’s business needs.

We work with market-leading platforms for customer relationship management, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now Microsoft Dynamics 365) and Salesforce, and provide custom CRM solutions to ensure you get the CRM that can naturally fit users’ daily work and help to turn customer experience into your competitive advantage.



We keep going back to Aquaiver IT Solutions for more work, so we’ve been very happy with the quality of their code and general understanding of our CRM.


We provide a full cycle of CRM consulting and development services that cover:

  • Business analysis
  • Platform customization, on-premises and in the cloud
  • Custom CRM development
  • Upgrades and custom add-ons
  • Migration to a new CRM system
  • Integration with corporate systems (ERP, portals, call centers, etc.)
  • Quality assurance
  • User training
  • Maintenance and support

Aquaiver IT Solutions can perform each of these services separately or deliver a complete cycle of CRM consulting and development to help you get the most out of your CRM system.

CRM consulting services

With over 40,000 man-hours delivered in CRM & Loyalty projects,Aquaiver IT Solutions is well-versed to provide Salesforce and MS Dynamics 365 / CRM consulting across the industries of Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Telecom and more.

CRM customization

Packaged software with default settings is made to serve default businesses. We are ready to tailor a CRM system to your actual business needs, with a special attention to the types of involved stakeholders and your operational model – from direct sales to subscription management and contractual agreements.

Customizable CRM add-ons

Where ready-made solutions failed, we came up with our own functional add-ons:

  • BI/Charts for data visualization.
  • EmailScoop for automatic email tracking.
  • N to N Grid for managing records with many to many relationships.

Aquaiver IT Solutions can also deliver custom CRM add-ons to efficiently solve your particular business challenges.

Upgrade and support

If your enterprise has grown beyond the scope of your current CRM solution, we will help you meet the changing business demands through a painless transfer to the latest version of your CRM platform, integration of new powerful components, and full technical support of your existing system.


Our team of CRM consultants delivers precise, business-specific solutions that support B2B or B2C sales processes and exploit CRM opportunities to the fullest.


In particular, we focus on marketing and sales automation, loyalty program management, customer and partner management, sales forecasting, performance management and reporting.


Loyalty program management systems

We will help you conceptualize and bring to life your own loyalty program, effectively managed via a single multi-functional system that supports:

  • CRM as the back end
  • Integration with enterprise applications (ERP, POS, website)
  • In-built performance analytics

As extra communication channels for your customers, we can also equip your loyalty program with a mobile app and a customer self-service portal.


Every industry comes with its own model of customer relationships. We know how to incorporate it flawlessly into powerful CRM solutions with more business impact.


A full view of your patient relationships supported with EMR/EHR integration for better, more informed service that keeps loyalty and patient engagement high and operational costs down.


Advanced customer profiling, sales planning and reporting solutions integrated with your enterprise systems and customer support channels to address such challenges as long sales cycles, high customer churn, weak cross-selling and unsystematic customer communication.


An efficient customer engagement toolset to support your omni-channel strategy and loyalty program across web, mobile, and desktop platforms.


Easy access to customer insights to help you personalize your offering, increase subscriber retention, and get the most of your upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Our dedicated CRM experts and Business Analysts are ready to take up the challenge with a particular attention to your project scope and complexity.

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