The Future in a Technology. WorldWide.


With 5th years in IT, Aquaiver IT Solutions offers services to streamline IT strategy creating, information security assurance and system integration. Our approach is to focus on the client’s strategy and long-term goals, so we skip the noise of fleeting trends and equip the business with reliable and agile technology to achieve enduring outcomes.


Aquaiver IT Solutions teams of information technology consultants have the skills, methods and tools to help the client in adapting to the market demand and building up revenue through digital transformation. We back up our services with multi-year expertise, and it shows at every project stage:

Planning stage

  • Drafting and revising the strategy
  • Selecting the platforms
  • Mapping business requirements to features
  • Planning releases for iterative solution improvement

Implementation stage

  • Platform-based solutions or custom development
  • Integration
  • Data migration

Maintenance stage

There’s always room for more growth, and Aquaiver IT Solutions is ready to uphold the craving for improvements, be it new functionality or better interoperability, performance, usability, scalability and bug fixing. We will allocate a multidisciplinary team with DB, CRM, mobile, UI and other experts to maintain, upgrade and update your software.




With over 9 years in CRM consulting and development services, Aquaiver IT Solutions helps B2B and B2C enterprises build lasting relationships with their clients, support sales management and drive sales teams’ engagement and productivity. In particular, we help our customers to sharpen the focus on marketing and sales automation, loyalty program management, sales planning, performance evaluation, reporting and analysis.

Business intelligence / data analysis

Bringing in 28 years in BI & Data Science with 35+ patents in artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, Aquaiver IT Solutions offers end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) and data analysis services to convert raw pieces of information into meaningful and consistent insights. We help our customers to evaluate staff performance, gain visibility into consumer behavior, handle financial and sales analysis as well as identify new business opportunities.


With 10+ years of SharePoint consulting and development, Aquaiver IT Solutions provides clients with custom intranets to create a collaborative workplace, drive corporate knowledge, shape teamwork and gear up business processes. We adopt an all-inclusive approach to match customer’s business environment and corporate values on each step of the way, from initial consulting to design, development, customization and continuous support.

Knowledge management

Bringing in over 5th years of experience in information technology, we help your corporate knowledge stay valid and grow, uplifting employee performance and delivering transformative outcomes. With the Aquaiver IT Solutions proprietary knowledge management framework, businesses can enable seamless knowledge mapping, transfer, aggregation, storing, sharing and maintenance to excel within the organization and on the market.


With 12-years expertise in web portal development, UI design and QA, Aquaiver IT Solutions offers a wide range of competencies to make each created resource a tool for building healthy relationships with customers, employees, vendors and other valuable partners in your business.

IT service management

Aquaiver IT Solutions applies 5th years in ITSM consulting and delivery based on ServiceNow platform to assist clients in aligning their IT services with business goals. We employ an industry-specific approach to each project, using best practices to ensure prevention of service disruptions and seamless incident management along with timely reaction to infrastructural changes, problems and events.

Custom software

When the vision goes out of the box, packaged products can fail to meet the need of the business. Powered by 5th years in IT, Aquaiver IT Solutions teams of BA’s, QA’s, designers, engineers and other experts are ready to analyze the idea top to bottom and make the product come true. We draft a software requirements specification, advise clients on the development approach and kickstart the project sticking to time and budget limits. And after our customer is happy with the result, we support the project with customization and maintenance options.

Information security

For more than 5thyears,Aquaiver IT Solutions security team is on the guard of sensitive business data. We help our customers to enable identity and access management, identify vulnerabilities in the network, check the environment against APTs, ransomware and other threats, as well as to ensure compliance with industry-specific security standards.

Image analysis

With over 28 years of expertize, Aquaiver IT Solutions software engineering competencies cover the full cycle of image quantitative assessment, from image acquisition to its quality improvement, following processing, analysis and output. Covering the analysis of both manufactured products and clinical images, we assist in:

  • automated visual inspection
  • 3D scanning, modeling and mapping
  • object recognition, classification and sorting
  • assembly verification
  • detection of defects and abnormalities and more

Our software stays reliably performant in various settings, be it PC-based machine vision systems, smart cameras or medical image scanners.



Gaining competitive advantage

When staying ahead of the competition starts to take a toll on the venture, optimization is needed. At Aquaiver IT Solutions, we study the client’s unique processes back and forth to highlight the bottlenecks and overcome them with the help of technology, be it data analysis, IS aspects, enterprise mobility, process automation, migration to the cloud, introduction to AR and more.

Fighting the growing complexity of business environment

Your IT infrastructure is under constant pressure from evolving business environment, and there can be a number of reasons to that: an increase in customer flow, expanding competition, a wave of newcomers, emergent regulations and more. Aquaiver IT Solutions is ready to back you up wherever it is needed the most, with BI for more visibility in processes, intelligent CRM to speak the customer’s language, portals and knowledge management tools to support collaboration and more.

Ever-changing business requirements

You have the vision, but the idea can evolve. Aquaiver IT Solutions engineers dominate agile development techniques and enable flexible architectures for on-spot customization opportunities.

Restricted IT budgets

Sometimes the budget is everything and we get it. But we will never suffer the quality of your next big thing for the sake of saving. Aquaiver IT Solutions IT consulting services ensure thorough planning of cost-effective development, when the choice of technology, platform and approach allows trimming expenditures without quality losses.

Information security threats

Protecting sensitive data is a challenge, and we help our clients to tackle it, starting with the awareness. Aquaiver IT Solutions provides customers with information security consulting services to define vulnerabilities and ensure hacker-proof architecture of their infrastructure.


We are committed to the client’s goals and business focus across the industries, and our hallmark projects can introduce our competencies better than just words.