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Our Technologies

Microsoft .NET

Aquaiver Software was Founded to focus on the .NET platform. we continuously Deliver valuable products using .NET


Aquaiver Software utilizes Java for its stability, cross-platform compatibility and scalability.


Aquaiver Software offers PHP services for web development projects combining low cost and high performance.

Ruby on Rails

Aquaiver Software has Ruby on Rails expertise to quickly develop and deliver a complete web application.


Aquaiver Software is able to provide Node.js solutions for server-side JavaScript application needs.

Cloud Computing

We support Cloud Computing to provide you benefits of scalability, responsiveness and cost-efficiencies.

Apple iOS

Aquaiver is highly experienced in Apple mobile technologies. We develop apps for iPhone and iPad.


Aquaiver Software develops Android apps with proven skill made possible by our native Android and Java expertise.


For many years, Aquaiver has delivered quality applications for BlackBerry devices, and we are ready to assist you.

Windows Phone

Microsofts mobile operating system is increasing its market share, and Aquaiver can help you to gain access to this platform.


Aquaiver has extensive expertise in developing SPA applications with AngularJS framework.