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In 2013, Aquaiver IT Solutions was founded as a software product company. We offered sophisticated systems set out to help large businesses improve their innovation process. Within years, Aquaiver IT Solutions created products and solutions that powered 40{3fa68729391dd22bfa23e0e57dc9eba09272752811a506b841bc39d173bbb10e} of Fortune 500 companies. Today, we use this distilled experience to offer outsourced software development to:

  • Non-tech companies: we created software that eBayWalmartHeinzNestleLeo Burnett and other companies now use to run their businesses;
  • Ambitious start-ups: we helped entrepreneurs grow into star businesses like Viber by decreasing their risks and using technological innovation;
  • Established software product companies: IBMPerkin ElmerTieto and others trusted us to develop entire product lines.

Many of our happy customers have stayed with us for years (although some of them were apprehensive about software outsourcing before meeting us), giving Aquaiver IT Solutions an incredible impetus to grow in competences and size. In fact, 76% of our turnover comes from the clients we have been serving for more than 1 year.



Powering multiple industries throughout decades, we have developed the art of tailoring software products that help better match business needs with end-customer demand. Check out our hallmark projects in outsourced software development:


  • Business intelligence software for 200 US healthcare centers
  • Medication order processing system for a US healthcare company with more than $15 bn revenue and 60,000 employees

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  • Viber, one of the world’s most popular instant messaging and VoIP apps with more than 600 mln users
  • Mobile TV apps that power T-MobileOrange and other telecom industry leaders

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Banking and Finance

  • Award-winning mobile banking app
  • Bond portfolio management service for financial and investment experts

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  • Modules for one of eBay’s e-Commerce platforms with over 2.5 mln members
  • Private label management for Walmart
  • Trade marketing for Heinz
  • Brand analysis for Nestle

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Our clients also come from Public Sector, Education, Manufacturing, Energy, Media and Entertainment, Transportation and Logistics.


The pool of 450 full-time, English speaking experts allows us to accommodate the needs of:

  • large-scale projects and projects with complex architectures: for example, during one of the projects – a large PLM platform for 20,000 retailers, manufacturers and suppliers – Aquaiver IT Solutions involvement grew from 4 to 39 specialists in 2 years of cooperation, engaging the development, testing and BI teams
  • small- and medium-scale projects: our smaller teams have proved efficient in creating software products from scratch as well as augmenting the customers’ teams
  • projects with distributed teams and 3rd party vendors: backed by fluent English and good communication skills, our specialists always stay on the same page with other project stakeholders


Because we will help you reduce uncertainty throughout the entire product life cycle thanks to:

  • Established processes and project management culture, as we:
    • use various software development methodologies to work efficiently with both well-defined and vague project scope
    • estimate, plan and test thoroughly to stay within budget and time during implementation
    • ensure regular communication with the customer
  • Expertise: over 50% of our developers are Seniors and Leads
  • Scalability: our size enables short ramp-up time (2-4 weeks) and easy scaling up and down in line with your project’s needs
  • Professional-looking UI: your software product will look equally modern and slick across all browsers and screens
  • Elaborate architecture: ruling out performance problems and creating a stable foundation for future updates as your business grows
  • High-quality programming: we do not achieve shorter time-to-market by compromising software quality – we achieve it by way of professionalism


This is how we can pitch in:

  • Full cycle product development: you provide a specification or a dedicated Product Owner, and we build the software from the ground up
  • Specific or standalone functionality development: to help you extend the offering, we create additional features or applications for your product which require certain development skills – for example, a mobile version, BI tool and so on
  • Team augmentation: a flexible team or individual developers complement your project with the needed technology skills


Backend and desktop: Microsoft .NET, Java, C++, Qt, PHP, Node.js

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Mobile: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xamarin, Apache Cordova

Databases and data warehouses: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Amazon Web Services, SAP, Sybase, NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Apache CouchDB, PostgreSQL)